Edo lawmakers must obey the law, says Oshiomhole

Edo State Gover­nor, Adams Osh­iomhole has said the crisis rocking the state House of Assem­bly has persisted this long because the four suspend­ed lawmakers in the state House of Assembly have refused to obey a subsist­ing court order, saying those who make laws must be seen to obey the laws they make.

Speaking on the pro­tracted crisis in the state House of Assembly when he granted audience to the leadership of the Edo Civil Society Organisation (EDCSO) in Government House, at the weekend, Os­hiomhole said he spoke to both parties on the need to settle the matter amicably to avoid distraction in their legislative duties.

He said: “My attention was drawn to the issue and I spoke to the two sides on telephone. I said you have to find a way to resolve this because I don’t want any distraction, whether we like it or not, the time I spend explaining this and the time you have spent discussing among yourselves to agree, is time we could have used for other things.”

Governor Oshiomhole said: “What is at stake is fundamental to the main­tenance of peace and secu­rity. I can’t be a governor presiding over anarchy. People who lead in making laws must be seen to obey the laws they make.

“I think therefore, that on this occasion, the Civil So­ciety, which include people who are committed to good governance, people who are committed to building a civilized society have no choice but to tell those dis­obeying judicial order to go back and obey the order.”

He said: “They struck a deal that the House mem­bers will obey the suspen­sion order by staying away and then the House would set up a committee. The committee over the week­end would have deliberated on the matter and by Mon­day, they would make a decision to vacate their suspension and the four persons would go back to the House.

Oshiomhole further said, “the two sides told me this is fine, but you see, don’t forget there are rules, if you subscribe to this, it is bind­ing on you. If your mem­bers now refuse to abide by it but to subvert it, you have no basis for co-existence.

“What is at stake is fun­damental to the mainte­nance of peace and security because if you cannot ap­peal to lawmakers to obey the law, is it thugs you are going to appeal to in order to stop thuggery?”

Oshiomhole added: “Un­less we stand by the truth, we can’t survive as very or­dinary people. So, I appeal to you to find the courage and pronounce on the side of  the rule of law and on the role of protecting the judiciary.


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