Oshiomhole sanctions two Perm-Sec designates, swears-in 18

Governor Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State has sworn in the former Chief
Press Secretary to Professor Oserheimen Osunbor, Mr Dan Aigbavbua and
17 others as Permanent Secretaries in the state Civil Service. He
however declined to swear-in two others who arrived late for the
The late-comers, both of them women, arrived the venue while the
relevant oaths were already being administered on their colleagues.
One is a Director in the Ministry of Justice while the other is in the
Ministry of Education.
The Governor said he wondered what time the two Directors get to work
if they could arrive late for their own swearing-in, saying “your
punishment is that you will return to your offices as Directors and be
sworn-in with the next batch of Perm-Secs.”
To those sworn-in, Oshiomhole said their appointment was based on merit.
He said, “Allow me to congratulate each and every one of you who has
just been sworn in as Permanent Secretaries and who will soon be
posted to various ministries. I apologise for the delay in the
appointment of this new set of Permanent Secretaries. We have been
working on this list for the past six months and the whole idea is to
ensure that only those who deserve to be appointed are appointed.
“One of the problems of Public Service in Nigeria is that some people
believe that it is not what you know but who you know that will make
you make progress and determine what you get. In Edo State, I have
tried my best to reverse this perception. People must define how far
they want to go by how you approach your work. You choose to work
hard. That hard work will be appreciated and rewarded. You choose not
to work hard, then you remain static where you are.
“The second point we are trying to make is that when workers confront
government, that confrontation whether they are right or wrong should
be seen as something that is designed to remind government that these
people are playing a very important role in the development of our
country and remind us that we are truly in a civil rule and that
government can be interrogated on the decisions that they make, even
when the decisions are wrong. That is the logic of the promise of
“We have ensured that as much as possible, we have followed seniority.
For example, all those that have risen to level 17, having risen to
that level on the basis of evaluation by their supervisors, then you
are qualified to be appointed.
“I want to appeal to our Civil Servants to realise that no matter the
ideas that the government may have, without an efficient and effective
Civil Service, Government policies may suffer poor implementation. You
are the custodian of norms and traditions of the Civil Service. Your
responsibility is to proffer solution and help us to understand the
consequences of any of our policies.”
Oshiomhole said, “I also want to say that I am worried by the quality
of advice from our Civil Servants. I read some Memos signed by
Commissioners and these Memos are prepared by the Permanent
Secretaries and Directors and their quality is low. So I have advised
the Commissioners to ensure that their Permanent Secretaries sign a
copy of their Memos.
“Edo People expects us to use our collective wealth in a way that will
deliver prosperity to our people. We cannot afford to take anything
for granted. Ensure that you guide your Commissioners very well.
Vertically and horizontally, pay attention to what is happening in
your ministries. You must put the interest of Edo people first,” he
Responding on behalf of others, Dr. Ofure Eboremen thanked the
governor for the appointment and pledged the loyalty of the new
permanent Secretaries to his administration.
He said, “We will discharge our duties with every sense of
responsibility and fairness”.




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