Smile introduces new SmileVoice talk time plans

To further solidify its trendsetter status as a foremost customer-focused company, Smile Communications Nigeria, the multiple award-winning broadband services company, is set to shower more goodies on its existing and new customers, New Sentinel gathered this morning.
This time around, Smile, renowned as the first to launch VoLTE on its network, is set to introduce four new local call options with extended validity to its range of SmileVoice ONLY plans. The new options were developed to complement the three existing 30-day SmileVoice ONLY plans.
Leading the pack is the new 60-day validity plan, which comes in two options of 150 minutes talk time for ₦1,500 and 450 minutes talk time for ₦4,000, invariably ensuring the customer a ₦500 comparative savings over the first option. It is also suitable for those adept at longer talk time. There are also the new 90-day validity plans in two variants. The first at the cost of ₦2,000 with a 175 minutes talk time value, and the second plan with 500 minutes talk time value at only ₦5,000.
Explaining the rationale behind these new SmileVoice ONLY plans, Abdul Hafeez, Chief Marketing Officer of Smile Communications, stated that the new SmileVoice ONLY plans have an extended validity period and are more cost-effective. He emphasised that the significant difference between the new plans and the existing SmileVoice ONLY plans is that the new plans are valid for more than 30 days, and customers can now talk for longer. As a result, we’ve heard our customers who want to speak for longer and get the best value call rates.
The existing SmileVoice ONLY plans, valid for 30 days, include the trio of 65 minutes talk time value at ₦510, 135 minutes talk time value at ₦1,020, and 430 local minutes talk time value at ₦3,070.
It is worth re-iterating that all Smile customers enjoy unlimited FREE Smile-to-Smile calls and SMSs. Customers will experience crystal clear voice and video calls using VoLTE-capable handsets with a Smile SIM card or downloading the FREE SmileVoice App on Android or Apple iPhone devices. With SmileVoice, customers can call anyone, anywhere, on any number in Nigeria or the rest of the world. Furthermore, calls are charged in megabytes (MBs) to the customer’s active data plan, translating to the lowest local call rate per second in Nigeria at 13.7k/sec.
Another great advantage of SmileVoice is that Smile customers can take their local call rate with them when travelling abroad by just connecting to the local WiFi network and using the SmileVoice App to call anyone in Nigeria. These calls will be charged at local call rates and is another premium advantage that is obtainable only from Smile.


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